As a seeker, I delved deep into good and evil. I trampled into the dark forest with the looming threat that I might lose my soul. No matter what I did, the sun still shined, and the rain still trickled upon my face without judgment. And then I smiled and knew that all those fears were merely shadows. I woke up

— Zzenn

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Welcome to Zzenn's Website

This website aims to help spiritual seekers find their true path. To become self-realized through practical application and direct experience. Bio-Spirituality is a body-based, rational approach to the inner path.

You can practice meditating, delve into channeled messages, travel the road to ascension, become an instant guru on YouTube, or go directly to the core of your being and discover who you are through direct experience. This is what this website is about.

"The key is to find your own way to Inner-Realization one insight at a time."

I have walked the spiritual journey of healing, awakening, and self-realization over a lifetime. I paid the price. My biography, documentary short, audiobook, and narrative photo gallery (coming) illustrate the saga. I do not claim to possess "the way" but "a way" to inner realization through direct experience.

I am a survivor of generational child abuse and a lifetime student of many spiritual systems. I deeply understand the inner healing process, subjective exploration, and the kundalini phenomenon — I teach what I own, nothing more, nothing less.​


Artwork from the album "A Drop of Light" by "All Traps on Earth."

Throughout the decades, I learned from a wide range of teachers. Their work continually fed me, and thus, they became significant influences. However, they never replaced my direct experience or the effort required to develop my philosophy. In other words, no teacher became THE teacher, and I am grateful that many of them made that task easier by revealing their imperfections.

The key to clarity was to test everything and discover what worked. Sometimes a simple insight unlocked doors I never thought could be opened. At other times, slow growth yielded its pearls over a period of time. No one could tell me what "it" was . . . I had to find out for myself.

"You are a livingness, a verb, what is arising in you at this moment is the great realization."

A spiritual teacher should never make a student dependent upon themselves. They should emphasize self-reliance through direct experience. It is their job to point the student in a well-tested direction. It is not their job to keep the student returning for endless awakenings. The point is to find the path in yourself, wherever you are, at any time. The goal of a spiritual teacher should be just that . . . to help you become who you already are.

May you will find the keys to unlock the answers you seek and discover the tools to redeem your inner sovereignty and magic — maybe this website will help along the way. Thank you.